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A POND ICON! Iconic, easy-care pond floater that grows quickly! Create a classic, natural appearance in cultivated water gardens, ponds, or aquariums! 

THE ULTIMATE NATURAL KOI SNACK! Highly nutritious, protein-rich fish snack! Pond fish & other wildlife love it as a tasty organic treat that may improve health & digestion! 

REDUCE ALGAE GROWTH! Floating roots help to filter water impurities & reduce algae growth! Provide shade to the pond & reduce evaporation!

PROTECT YOUR PRIZED FISH! Floating plant cover is vital for protecting your precious koi & goldfish from predators! Plants spread prolifically, providing life-saving shelter & shade for beloved outdoor pets! 

100% QUALITY GUARANTEED! Our plants are grown & shipped by skilled, trusted aquatic plant experts! Your plants are guaranteed to arrive alive & healthy!

Duckweed is a small floating plant that spreads across the surface of water. It may be used in small ponds, aquariums, container gardens, planted tanks & more! It provides a pop of bright green color & naturalizing effect to cultivated water gardens! Duckweed is a highly nutritious snack for fish & variety of other wildlife including turtles & ducks! The floating root systems absorb excess nutrients from water, improving the water quality and reducing algae growth. It provides your pond with shade, and reduces evaporation! Duckweed prefers moderate to low light conditions and is great for shady ponds! 

Common name: duckweed
Botanical name: Lemna minor
Plant height: <1 inch
Plant spread: Spreading habit 
Light requirements: Sun to full shade
USDA hardiness zones: 4-8