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Collection: Goldfish

Pond Goldfish come in a variety of striking color patterns. They add a unique sense of playful fun into the garden, the perfect fish for viewing in a pond.  There are hundreds of different color and body shape variations developed by breeders. Pond Goldfish are peaceful and are great schooling fish that mix well with all other pond fish including koi.  Pond Goldfish are easy to care for, which make them a great choice for pond owners. Pond Goldfish are omnivores and eat both dried and live foods.  They may even nibble on your plants, however this causes no harm.

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Shipping Policy: We ship via FedEx next day delivery. Fish are usually shipped within 1-2 business days. In this period, we closely monitor them to ensure they are happy and healthy. We also do not feed them during this time in order to 'clean out' their digestive systems to lessen the chances of the fish dying or becoming ill during transit due to poor water quality. In the rare event that you receive a dead fish, we require that you send us a photo the same day the fish are delivered. We will then either offer you a partial refund or another shipment. We handle these instances on a case by case basis, since they are so rare.

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